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ipython-notebooks - A collection of IPython notebooks covering various topics.

Coursera の"Machine Learning by Andrew Ng"を含む,いろいろなコースの Python 実装版らしい. 他の人が書いたものを見て学ぶには,同じ課題のものを使うのが効果的だと思っているので,すごくありがたい.(Octave で解いたけど,補助コードが多くてアレだったし.)

Python implementations for various topics/courses including “Machine Learning” on Coursera by Andrew Ng. It would be effective to learn from codes for the same exercises written by others, which I’ve been thinking lately, I appreciate for publishing this. (I've completed the course with Octave, but there are too much helper codes which make the coding process somehow unenjoyable.)